The conspiracy nut in question has reached a new low and now has been labeled the creator of hate speech by Youtube.


He is now unable to post any content to Youtube for  a week. Nor is he allowed to live stream which he rarely does anyway since he claims not to be the owner of the channel.

In his video, the conspiracy nut claims that in one part of the video Floyd had hair and a tattoo and in the part showing him in the choke hold suddenly not having hair


After doing some research and studying of the video, I determined that this was a COPY of the original video. Also there are images of Floyd that clearly debunk the claim by the conspiracy nut.


In this image, it is quite clear that Floyd is not bald and does have closely cut hair. The cropping of the image is somewhat degraded from the original video as this is a common side effect of cropping and zooming in of images from your average smartphone.

The effect is known as pixelation

In computer graphics, pixelation is caused by displaying a bitmap or a section of a bitmap at such a large size that individual pixels, small single-colored square display elements that comprise the bitmap, are visible.

The conspiracy nut in question has been caught in the past spreading  nonsensical rumors.

In one instance the conspiracy nut claimed to have received notice that a major media outlet had published a story that the officer charged in the Floyd murder had to commit suicide. This occurred when he was a guest on a Youtube live stream. The conspiracy nut then had to walk his claim when it was revealed that the media source was a hoax and was not published by the outlet in question.

The conspiracy nut (who claims to be an award winning journalist) then claimed that he was duped and blamed whoever sent him the article rather than admit that he did not fact the claim as most competent and professional journalists would have done.

Reuters fact checkers recently debunked the conspiracy nuts 35,000 children were saved by the military.


There are a number of conspiracy nuts that spread varying hoaxes regarding the circumstances behind Floyd’s death. One conspiracy nut is spreading the hoax that the cop in the video is actually an actor from a tv crime series.


The conspiracy nuts have been struck with multiple false news/information strikes by Facebooks as demonstrated in these examples


The conspiracy nut has since uploaded his video to another internet site as he has done in the past. He claims to be appealing the take down notice and an update will take place if there is a change on the part of Youtube regarding this video.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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