TIMSPINIn a rather pathetic attempt to get himself out of a rather embarrassing situation, a conspiracy nut spun one of the most convoluted and strangest excuses as to why one of the most respected news organizations in the WORLD thoroughly debunked his wild hoax that 35,000 children had been saved by the military aided by the fake and nonexistent PPTF.

The conspiracy nut has not been doing well lately as his previous claim that George Floyd was not George Floyd in the choke hold video.


Youtube had removed the video claiming it was hate speech. Rather than accept the fact that he has been exposed as both the creator of hate speech and fake news, the conspiracy nut has chosen to dig in and spin wild tales to spin his way out of his dilemma only making matters worse for him in the process.

His antics are turning into an increasing comedy of errors and he continues to destroy himself daily with his weird and nutty claims.

It is both a hilarious and sad thing to watch.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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