nurseshotJust when I thought the conspiracy nut could not get any weirder with his stories, he goes and does just that.

The conspiracy nut recounted (or better yet made it all up) an incident he claimed happened where a UPS truck came to where he was staying, the driver was dressed in a FEDEX uniform and was delivering a package from the United States Postal Service.

Now, a number of things about this struck me as rather odd. The first thing was how did the driver know where the conspiracy nut was staying. He is supposed to be a protected witness. Because of this, nobody would be able to track him by name since this is all supposed to be a big secret.


The next thing is, according to the way the conspiracy nut describe things, why did his security force accept and handle the package?


Considering what might be in the package, it would have made sense for the security personnel to isolate the package and have it remotely examined to prevent a catastrophe. Remember that the conspiracy nut claims people are out to kill him.

Under this scenario his security detail did a shitty job protecting him.

Finally there is the fact that we are now hearing this fish tale for the first time.

Guess why?


Well, it turns out that the nurse was shot by someone dressed as a UPS driver and had a rifle inside of the package he was delivering to the woman.

When she opened the door, he shot her with the rifle.

It seems that it is a rather odd coincidence that the conspiracy nut would make this all about him, but this is exactly what he does.

On his Facebook live stream he went into a convoluted narrative where he implied that the nurse was involved in some secret investigation and had videos and so forth.

nurseshotThe real truth is that the guy who was arrested was someone who had a burr up his lady and for some unknown reason decided to dress up in a costume and kill her.

If the conspiracy nut had read the various accounts of her murder, he would have found out that there had been a dispute between her and her killer going back years.

The Killer had moved out of the neighborhood 5 years ago and there was no apparent contact between them in all of that time.

The woman was nothing more than an innocent school nurse that was killed by an idiot.

Now, once again, this conspiracy nut has exploited yet another innocent victim in one of his sick narratives causing yet more grief for the survivors of her murder as this nonsensical story circulates around the internet.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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