stoneheaderI just finished watching a video made by a person who goes by the youtube handle Dodger Stone. Dodger is known for making parody videos using cartoon images and funny music to add a little humor while  criticising some  of the worst scammers on the internet today.


One of the worst scammers had made a video of his own complaining about all of those of us who point out that he is a fraud and that the organization he professes to represent does not exist. He also does not like being called out about his constant lying.


In this rather interesting Facebook video he actually uses President Trump as an excuse as to why he is being attacked. His excuse is that he is being attacked because he supports President Trump and encourages people to vote for him.

This is, of course, a flat out lie. My Youtube channel, for example, has just over 800 subscribers and virtually 90% of them are Trump supporters. They are all in favor of Trump and will vote for him in November.


These people criticize the scammer for one reason and one reason only. He is a fraud. He lies about having any ties with President Trump. He lies about the government agency almost every day. He takes current events in the news and twists the narrative to take credit for what is being reported.

He does virtually no fact checking of his sources. If he agrees with the content, he blindly posts it and then ignores those who point out that what he is reporting is false and in some cases, dangerous misinformation.

That is funniest of all about this situation is that Dodger Stone could have played the video without the funny music and cartoons and the scammer would have still come out as the fool that he is.

The scammer is nothing more than a lonely fool who spends the bulk of his life live streaming off of restaurant wi fi while sitting in a car full of junk and mooching off a married woman who is leading him around like a dog on a leash.

Until later

William K Murtauh

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