In my years long quest to expose the truth behind the postings of certain conspiracy nuts, I was hoping that I would get through to enough people that perhaps the lies would stop.

It would appear that quite the opposite has happened.

An increasing number of people seem willing to believe what are clearly false narratives and outright lies rather than see the obvious fact that what they are seeing and reading are the nonsensical rantings of conspiracy nuts that clearly know that what they are publishing on the internet are clear fictions.

The fabrications  of these people are easily debunked and I and others have successfully debunked their claims over the years.

Yet these people persist and it appears that they are not going to be stopped no matter how clearly their lies are exposed.

This creates not only a state of frustration on those of us who believe in the truth, it also questions where society is heading.

If society as a whole is willing to either accept this nonsense or even worse, ignore it, then we are all doomed.

Those who are our enemies will see this gullibility as a sign of weakness and use it to defeat us.

Where this belief or ignorance of these conspiracy theories will lead us is unknown.

Where it will lead to, however, wherever it might be,  it will be an unmitigated disaster that those of us who sought the truth will have no choice but to sit back and watch it happen.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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