Yup, I have created another new blog. Circumstances dictated that I start this blog rather than hold off until I get the problems worked out with my other blog.

This blog is going to be about the nonsensical  actions that have taking place that was caused by the “election” of the worst president in United States history, Donald J Trump.


I am going to state at the onset that this is a biased pro progressive blog. MAGA’s are free to read but be warned that I have no patience with MAGA’s trolling as I have seen the distructive nature with their conduct elsewhere.

Therefore, I would suggest you take your thoughts and comments elsewhere. MAGAS are not welcome here.


The best place for everyone to interact with this blog is on my Twitter account where all the posts will be linked. I am not turning on the comments to the blog at the onset due to security problems inharent with WordPress.

I will be setting up contact information in the near future.

Stay Tuned

William K Murtaugh



As the days weeks and months passed, this blog remained largely forgotten as I continued to post on my various social media accounts. Imagine my surprise when a screenshot appeared on the Facebook account of the handler of one of a largely forgotten scammer that has not been seen or heard from in over 6 months.

The screen shot was not of my blog directly but of a post on Facebook where I placed the link to the blog.



In the post that, is prior to this one, I had stated my intent not to mention the individual by name unless there were developments that made that exemption necessary. As it turned out it did become necessary to mention him by name on a number of occasions.


The first incident had to do with an offer of a reward by a private individual or group on Facebook. Holmseth is a fugitive from justice. He has an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to not appearing in court to answer for the second of four charges of harassment stemming out of his decade long stalking of a prominent Florida attorney.

A second incident was when this poster appeared.


At the time this poster had appeared, he has not been seen or heard from in several months. The last known verifiable indication he was alive and well was a Facebook live stream that was published near the end of May of this year. Since that time his Facebook account has been removed along with the video.

The only other “proof of life” now on social media was of him and a group of people in a video while at a beach in Alabama some time in March of this year along with an image of him in front of a yacht.

The other times I have mentioned him by name had to do with certain fraudulent activities that he or his associates conducted on social media.

This individual falsely claims to be the press secretary for an organization affiliated with the United States Government, specifically the Pentagon and claims to be authorized to post information given to him by a middleman who has direct contact with President Trump.

As a result of his fraudulent actions, several large and well known social media publications have begun researching his actions and that of his associates.

There has also been other rather peculiar developments including the insistence of one individual to come into my live stream chat and engage in the classic act of trolling. The troll in question seems to be obsessed with someone she is convinced appears in a photograph wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts while laying face down on a bed.

The individual also engages in name calling and fat shaming. I am not sure what the troll expects to accomplish with this kind of activity other than to show the lack of character of the people that are attracted to Tim Holmseth’s wild and crazy conspiracy theories.

I have suggested many times that the troll should start her own live stream but that advice does not seem to interest the troll.

It seems that visiting my live stream is the only option open to this particular troll.

At the least, however, the visit by the troll does offer some comic relief to the others in my chat who engage the troll in rather interesting and entertaining ways.

Now as for this blog. I do not intend on visiting here that often as I am more of a multimedia person and I have found that I have a better reach using my Youtube channel as my primary social media outlet.



I would ask that you visit my Youtube account to see what has the troll and the Facebook poster so riled up. When you visit the channel, be sure to like and subscribe as well as share my videos and live streams.

Thanks for visiting here and reading this post.

Until later

William K Murtaugh



thmugshotThe long standing fight against the internet fraud Timothy Charles Holmseth seems to have come to an end.

On August 31st I had made my last live stream about Holmseth stating that I would no longer discuss him and his cult BY NAME unless something in the public interest were to develop.


That blockade, by the way only applies to the live stream and not to here or on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I plan on taking my Youtube channel in a different direction.

I was quite surprised that during my live stream, Facebook shut down the Timothy Charles Holmseth account that was primarily used to promote his blog.

Along with the Facebook site virtually all of his material made over the past several years vanished.

All his lies are now gone.

Holmseth is likely gone for good as indicated by this post made just this morning:

Task Force


“You should know.. sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know..Now, being a commercial real estate broker in Florida.. you never know who you do business with. Tim’s knowledge is not needed online any longer.. he is more valuable on his JSOC assignments.. Insurrection Act.”

So even his handler is abandoning him. The so called JSOC assignment is simply an excuse to cover the fact that he is now gone. He is no longer useful. In fact he has become a liability.

Field McConnell and Tim Holmseth were prominent subjects in a recent 2 part Daily Beast article where the details of their alleged criminal actions were brought to light.

This made further investment in the ownership of TimothyCharlesHolmseth.com both a legal and financial liability. The businesswoman who owns the website finally decided to cut her losses and put Tim Holmseth out to pasture using the assignment claim as an excuse.

What I expected to take days for her to make this move took only a few hours.

So what now? We all move on. Tim is fading into the past. Without the protection of his handler, Tim will have to fend for himself. The funds will dry up, the donations will stop and most likely the wages of sin being paid by his owner and handler will stop as well.

And Tim’s troubles have not gone away. He still is a witness for the prosecution in the Field McConnell case in Florida.

He may find himself involved in some way with the Cynthia AbCug trial in Colorado either as a co-defendant or a witness for the prosecution as well.

Finally, there is the Craig Sawyer civil lawsuit. Timothy Charles Holmseth is a defendant in that case as well.

And finally, there is the arrest warrant for failing to appear in court to face the charges that got him into this mess to begin with.

The epilogue to the Timothy Charles Holmseth saga is coming soon.

Stay Tuned.

Until later

William K Murtaugh



In my years long quest to expose the truth behind the postings of certain conspiracy nuts, I was hoping that I would get through to enough people that perhaps the lies would stop.

It would appear that quite the opposite has happened.

An increasing number of people seem willing to believe what are clearly false narratives and outright lies rather than see the obvious fact that what they are seeing and reading are the nonsensical rantings of conspiracy nuts that clearly know that what they are publishing on the internet are clear fictions.

The fabrications  of these people are easily debunked and I and others have successfully debunked their claims over the years.

Yet these people persist and it appears that they are not going to be stopped no matter how clearly their lies are exposed.

This creates not only a state of frustration on those of us who believe in the truth, it also questions where society is heading.

If society as a whole is willing to either accept this nonsense or even worse, ignore it, then we are all doomed.

Those who are our enemies will see this gullibility as a sign of weakness and use it to defeat us.

Where this belief or ignorance of these conspiracy theories will lead us is unknown.

Where it will lead to, however, wherever it might be,  it will be an unmitigated disaster that those of us who sought the truth will have no choice but to sit back and watch it happen.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


stoneheaderI just finished watching a video made by a person who goes by the youtube handle Dodger Stone. Dodger is known for making parody videos using cartoon images and funny music to add a little humor while  criticising some  of the worst scammers on the internet today.


One of the worst scammers had made a video of his own complaining about all of those of us who point out that he is a fraud and that the organization he professes to represent does not exist. He also does not like being called out about his constant lying.


In this rather interesting Facebook video he actually uses President Trump as an excuse as to why he is being attacked. His excuse is that he is being attacked because he supports President Trump and encourages people to vote for him.

This is, of course, a flat out lie. My Youtube channel, for example, has just over 800 subscribers and virtually 90% of them are Trump supporters. They are all in favor of Trump and will vote for him in November.


These people criticize the scammer for one reason and one reason only. He is a fraud. He lies about having any ties with President Trump. He lies about the government agency almost every day. He takes current events in the news and twists the narrative to take credit for what is being reported.

He does virtually no fact checking of his sources. If he agrees with the content, he blindly posts it and then ignores those who point out that what he is reporting is false and in some cases, dangerous misinformation.

That is funniest of all about this situation is that Dodger Stone could have played the video without the funny music and cartoons and the scammer would have still come out as the fool that he is.

The scammer is nothing more than a lonely fool who spends the bulk of his life live streaming off of restaurant wi fi while sitting in a car full of junk and mooching off a married woman who is leading him around like a dog on a leash.

Until later

William K Murtauh



Since the conspiracy nut claimed that a death threat had been made against the President of the United States, people have been wondering how to contact the Secret Service and what details should be included in the report.

The Secret Service gave me this email address after I contacted them at their Washington DC office:



Their contact number at the Washington DC office is



The agent that answers your call will ask what you want after you select the “report a crime” option which I believe was the number 1.

You will then be transferred to another agent where you will give your account of the death threat.

You will be given the gmail address above and will be advised to give a thorough account of the threat along with links and as much information about the conspiracy nut as possible.

This should include anyone he may have contact with or who could contact him if the Secret Service needs to talk to him.

You should also include links to all of his social media sites, blogs, and any links to file storage sites he may be using.


Threatening the president of the United States is a felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. The offense is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $250,000 maximum fine, a $100 special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


nurseshotJust when I thought the conspiracy nut could not get any weirder with his stories, he goes and does just that.

The conspiracy nut recounted (or better yet made it all up) an incident he claimed happened where a UPS truck came to where he was staying, the driver was dressed in a FEDEX uniform and was delivering a package from the United States Postal Service.

Now, a number of things about this struck me as rather odd. The first thing was how did the driver know where the conspiracy nut was staying. He is supposed to be a protected witness. Because of this, nobody would be able to track him by name since this is all supposed to be a big secret.


The next thing is, according to the way the conspiracy nut describe things, why did his security force accept and handle the package?


Considering what might be in the package, it would have made sense for the security personnel to isolate the package and have it remotely examined to prevent a catastrophe. Remember that the conspiracy nut claims people are out to kill him.

Under this scenario his security detail did a shitty job protecting him.

Finally there is the fact that we are now hearing this fish tale for the first time.

Guess why?


Well, it turns out that the nurse was shot by someone dressed as a UPS driver and had a rifle inside of the package he was delivering to the woman.

When she opened the door, he shot her with the rifle.

It seems that it is a rather odd coincidence that the conspiracy nut would make this all about him, but this is exactly what he does.

On his Facebook live stream he went into a convoluted narrative where he implied that the nurse was involved in some secret investigation and had videos and so forth.

nurseshotThe real truth is that the guy who was arrested was someone who had a burr up his lady and for some unknown reason decided to dress up in a costume and kill her.

If the conspiracy nut had read the various accounts of her murder, he would have found out that there had been a dispute between her and her killer going back years.

The Killer had moved out of the neighborhood 5 years ago and there was no apparent contact between them in all of that time.

The woman was nothing more than an innocent school nurse that was killed by an idiot.

Now, once again, this conspiracy nut has exploited yet another innocent victim in one of his sick narratives causing yet more grief for the survivors of her murder as this nonsensical story circulates around the internet.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh



Timothy Charles Holmseth, who operates several social media accounts has reported that he has received an email stating that someone wants to assassinate The president and his family.

oneman (3)

Timothy Charles Holmseth claims to be the media spokesman for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force which he claims reports cases of pedophilia and sex trafficking to this highly mysterious and secret organization he claims was created by the President.


Timothy Charles Holmseth did not state in his article if he has reported this incident to the Secret Service, to the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force or both.

ssreportedAs a precaution, I have contacted the Washing DC and Minnesota divisions of the Secret Service and informed them of the death threat claim made by Timothy Charles Holmseth.

I have also notified President Trump of the threat so that he can notify the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him.


As a precaution, I have contacted the Washing DC and Minnesota divisions of the Secret Service and informed them of the death threat claim made by Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is currently a fugitive from justice and has an arrest warrant against him for appearing in court.


Because he made this death threat against the president public, he will now be forced to go to the nearest Secret Service office to be interrogated about his claim.



It will then be determined if there is really such a thing as the PPTF and if the death threat email is real or yet another one of Timothy Charles Holmseth’s fabrications.

Until later,

William K Murtaugh


Firefox_Screenshot_2020-06-17T03-04-22.530ZThe biggest crybaby in Minnesota got his video back, sort of. As is the case most of the time, if someone takes the time to appeal a take down order by Youtube, there is a chance that one will get their content back.


Such as it is with the big conspiracy nut/crybaby. After making a huge fuss on his Facebook page and then reloading the video on another video archive site, Youtube gave into the adult toddler with a caveat.

The video is now hidden behind a content block which requires the prospective viewer to decide if they want to go ahead and view this potentially offensive video.

The toddler has apparently not through what this means. He claims to be this all important CHRISTIAN investigative reporter who is supposed to have only one man separating him from the President of the United States.

Instead, this conspiracy nut finds himself in the same category as someone who produces smut and pornography. Youtube DID NOT retract on their statement that the conspiracy nut/crybaby is the creator of hate speech which is one of the reasons it has the restriction in place.


I doubt this will bother the toddler all that much since the only thing  to him is the attention and what little fame he gets from distributing this sheer nonsense of his.

It will probably not be long before this idiot pulls another stunt that will make him look like the fool he really is.

Until later,


William K Murtaugh




TIMSPINIn a rather pathetic attempt to get himself out of a rather embarrassing situation, a conspiracy nut spun one of the most convoluted and strangest excuses as to why one of the most respected news organizations in the WORLD thoroughly debunked his wild hoax that 35,000 children had been saved by the military aided by the fake and nonexistent PPTF.

The conspiracy nut has not been doing well lately as his previous claim that George Floyd was not George Floyd in the choke hold video.


Youtube had removed the video claiming it was hate speech. Rather than accept the fact that he has been exposed as both the creator of hate speech and fake news, the conspiracy nut has chosen to dig in and spin wild tales to spin his way out of his dilemma only making matters worse for him in the process.

His antics are turning into an increasing comedy of errors and he continues to destroy himself daily with his weird and nutty claims.

It is both a hilarious and sad thing to watch.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh



The conspiracy nut in question has reached a new low and now has been labeled the creator of hate speech by Youtube.


He is now unable to post any content to Youtube for  a week. Nor is he allowed to live stream which he rarely does anyway since he claims not to be the owner of the channel.

In his video, the conspiracy nut claims that in one part of the video Floyd had hair and a tattoo and in the part showing him in the choke hold suddenly not having hair


After doing some research and studying of the video, I determined that this was a COPY of the original video. Also there are images of Floyd that clearly debunk the claim by the conspiracy nut.


In this image, it is quite clear that Floyd is not bald and does have closely cut hair. The cropping of the image is somewhat degraded from the original video as this is a common side effect of cropping and zooming in of images from your average smartphone.

The effect is known as pixelation

In computer graphics, pixelation is caused by displaying a bitmap or a section of a bitmap at such a large size that individual pixels, small single-colored square display elements that comprise the bitmap, are visible.

The conspiracy nut in question has been caught in the past spreading  nonsensical rumors.

In one instance the conspiracy nut claimed to have received notice that a major media outlet had published a story that the officer charged in the Floyd murder had to commit suicide. This occurred when he was a guest on a Youtube live stream. The conspiracy nut then had to walk his claim when it was revealed that the media source was a hoax and was not published by the outlet in question.

The conspiracy nut (who claims to be an award winning journalist) then claimed that he was duped and blamed whoever sent him the article rather than admit that he did not fact the claim as most competent and professional journalists would have done.

Reuters fact checkers recently debunked the conspiracy nuts 35,000 children were saved by the military.


There are a number of conspiracy nuts that spread varying hoaxes regarding the circumstances behind Floyd’s death. One conspiracy nut is spreading the hoax that the cop in the video is actually an actor from a tv crime series.


The conspiracy nuts have been struck with multiple false news/information strikes by Facebooks as demonstrated in these examples


The conspiracy nut has since uploaded his video to another internet site as he has done in the past. He claims to be appealing the take down notice and an update will take place if there is a change on the part of Youtube regarding this video.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh