A recent Facebook entry was recently brought to my attention. The author of the entry had apparently gone back more than 6 years to dig up a time when I came to some sort of defense of a conspiracy nut due to what I had perceived as a case of cyber bullying.

The author question what had caused me to turn on the conspiracy nut and in a snide way accused someone as having undue influence over my decision.

She rather conveniently ommitted the link to the article I wrote on the subject which I found rather curious.

To answer her own question, the author only needed to look at the posts of the conspiracy nut in question and when he first brought me into his fantasy world. She might also want to look at the posts he has made about me for the past decade.

There she would find part of the answer to her question.

She might also want to take her biased blinders off and examine the truth about the conspiracy nut she has dedicated her unwavering support of for the past several years.

To answer part of her question I go back to when I was defending the conspiracy nut.

I have stated on many occasions, more than I  can count that it was because of a blogger from Atlanta, Ga. Who reveled in destroying and bullying people for the sheer hell of it that caused me to come to his defense.

The blogger, along with some of her allies were attacking people simply because of their strong opinion of Casey Anthony and the fact that she was not going to face any punishment for the death of her child Caylee.

At some point the conspiracy nut became a target of her attacks. I had taken the position of defending the Caylee Angels from the blogger’s attacks and since some of the Angels had a favorable opinion of the conspiracy nut, I decided to defend him to some extent as well.

This was a serious mistake and it is a mistake I am paying for to this day.

While enduring the daily attacks against me, I started to take a closer look at the conspiracy nut and his writings. I began to see why his enemies were attacking him, yet I still disagreed with some of their tactics.

Over time things began to change as I discovered disturbing evidence about the conspiracy nut through my own research and through information that came from sources that were my enemies at the time.

As more of this verifiable information came to me and I double checked this information, I soon realized I had made a big mistake coming to the defense of the conspiracy nut.

Despite the questionable tactics taken by his critics and enemies that I had defended him against, it became increasingly clear that what they had been saying about the conspiracy nut was true.

Because of the new evidence, me and my enemies evolved in to becoming frenemies. While we were still at odds with each other, we agreed to call a truce and to stop attacking each other.

This led to what the Facebook author found in her relentless search into my history. And that is where the truth lies.

I sought the truth and found it. Now the friends of the conspiracy nut need to do the same.

The new question is will his friends deal with the truth or will they bury the truth for their own purposes?

The answer seems to be the latter.

Until later.


William K Murtaugh

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