My mission from the beginning of this internet battle with Timothy Charles Holmseth and his associates has been to get to the truth. On June 10th 2019 the truth exploded on Facebook.

The truth, strangely enough, came from Randi Lynn Erickson, the woman I call Timothy Charles Holmseth’s handler.

Now the truth that was revealed by this woman is also laced with lies, but for the most part what she revealed is mostly the truth and a confirmation of what I have been stating in my Youtube videos as being the truth.

Almost a year ago from the date of this writing Timothy Charles Holmseth began to mention The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. It was an organization he had not mentioned at any time before June 2019 that I am aware of.


Suddenly out of nowhere, Timothy Charles Holmseth became the media spokesperson for a secret task force presumably directly connected to the Pentagon and that there was only one person between him and the President of the United States.

Recently, Holmseth appeared as a guest on a Youtube channel.


As a result of a number of comments made on that Youtube channel, apparently Randi Erickson felt compelled to write to the operator of the Youtube channel who also had a Facebook page:

I also made a video and posted it on my Youtube channel explaining this online Post and how Randi managed to back up what I have been stating about Tim Holmseth and his PPTF claims.

As you will see, I have placed the post on the Youtube channel as I have done here explaining each exerpt and pointing out what is the truth and what is not.

It is up to those of you who view the video and read through this blog entry to decide for yourselves what is the truth and what is not.


Randi starts to outline who she is, her association to what is called the PPTF and her clear bias in favor of Timothy Charles Holmseth, the truth be damned.


Randi clearly states that she has been an “advocate” for women who felt they were being victimized by the various CPS agencies and felt it useful to contact Holmseth to see if he could help. How this turned into being an organization created by the Pentagon under orders from President Donald J Trump is a rather convoluted one.


Randi has written about her background in the past. She attempted to barge into a case involving a missing child and was rejected by those closely involved in the case. Her main occupation is in the Real Estate field and a minor role as a voter judge.

She has no formal education in the practice of law, does not have a law degree, nor is she a member of any bar association and she has never passed or even taken a bar exam.


This portion is both fact and fiction. The man Randi states that was brought into the Holmseth situation was likely an individual who claims to be the Postmaster General of the World. This individual also claims to have ownership of the title 5 United States Flag.

Randi makes the false assertion that E-Clause was created by Congress to do loss prevention, whatever the hell that is.

E-Clause has no contract with the US Congress nor does it have any direct affiliation with the US Congress or any agency of the United States Government. It is nothing more than a useless piece of paper created by a man with an overactive imagination.


Hallet and Pendergrass began to flood various courts and government agencies with what was essentially garbage. Nothing in their submissions were ever acted upon. Nothing they said or did helped anyone. Instead their actions have done a lot of harm and may result in several people going to prison because of their actions.

President Trump does not have anything to do with E-Clause. He has never heard of the organization and certainly has never heard of Charis Hallett or Kirk Pendagrass both of whom have criminal records.


It is believed that Timothy Holmseth’s second arrest was a direct result of instructions given to him by Randi. A restraining order was issued by the State of Florida by the mother of three children who was being harassed and defamed by Holmseth. Rather than complying with the court order or even bothering to go to court and contest it, Holmseth chose to defy the order and racked up 4 counts of violating the court order.

The Haleigh Cummings case, incidentally, had NOTHING to do with CPS or any custody issues. The child simply vanished in the middle of the night. The then 16 year old live in girlfriend of the biological father claimed to be sound asleep when she vanished.

Both she and her boyfriend/ex-husband are now in prison serving a lengthy sentence for drug trafficking.

This decade old missing child case remains unsolved to this day.


It is here that the truth begins to come out. Again, Timothy Charles Holmseth has made the claim that the Pentagon Pedophile Taskforce was created by President Trump and is run through the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. The Pentagon and those within the Department of Defense who were contacted state that there is NO PPTF or anything like it affiliated with the DOD or even the Department of Justice. Nobody has confirmed the existence of the PPTF or its affiliation with any branch of the United States government.


This part of the letter is rather interesting. Mr. Cater got involved because he first believed in what Timothy Holmseth was doing. He offered to store Holmseths car and helped him move out  of his apartment. In an apparent bid to completely take over control of Holmseth’s affairs, Randi made a false accusation against Mr. Cater that angered Holmseth and caused him to revoke the Power of Attorney granted to Mr. Cater.

Mr. Cater never, at any time, claimed to be associated with the PPTF.


A number of revelations occurred here. At this point of the letter, Timothy Holmseth was a fugitive with a state wide warrant for his arrest issued by the court. Holmseth failed to appear for his second trial and the bench warrant was issued. It is a warrant that is currently in effect.

Randi also purchased all of Timothy Holmseth’s social media accounts and is largely responsible for the contents that are published on them.

She has turned Timothy Holmseth into a puppet on a string.

Randi L Erickson clearly states at this point that the PPTF was created by her and her associates. This section makes it clear that Tim is not telling the truth about the creation and purpose of the PPTF.

Randi states that there is a connection with the White House that has the material belonging to Timothy Holmseth. Once again, nobody in the Trump administration, including the White House has heard of anyone affiliated with Tim Holmseth or the PPTF.


While this is not directly part of the PPTF story, it is an example of what happens to people who try and help Tim Holmseth understand the situation people have caused him to be in. Chad and Tom realized that Tim was being manipulated and mislead and tried to talk some sense into him. Randi retaliated and now these two are being victimized by a vindictive woman who insists on controlling every aspect of Tim Holmseth’s life.

Where the images came from is not clear. It is claimed by some that the images were passed around over the internet and were discovered and published. The story regarding the circumstances of the images have changed several times.


The core of Randi L Erickson’s accusations have to do with the false narrative that I and others are “paid agents” hired by Mrs. Pickazio to attack Randi and those around her.

If necessary, I will go to court and state under oath that this is not the case.

I am not being paid or controlled by anyone. The reason I discuss Timothy Charles Holmseth is because he has been harassing me for almost a decade. His actions have caused damage to my reputation and has caused me a great deal of financial harm. I have never met Holmseth and he has never met me. Yet he accuses me of the most horrific criminal acts against children with absolutely no evidence to back up his defamatory accusations.

The same holds true of Randi L Erickson. She has never met me, she knows nothing about me other than what is told to her by Holmseth. She absolutely does not care about the harm she is doing to me and others. The truth and her are complete strangers and thus I am forced to confront the lies put forth by her and Holmseth.


In this portion of the letter it is once again made clear that it was Randi, Chris Hallett, Kirk Pendagrass (also likely Fiend McConnell) and others who created the PPTF. She is admitting that it was NOT created by any agency within the United States government nor the White House.

She also brings up the claim that the PPTF is privately funded. This creates a problem for this group as there are laws that require paperwork stating what kind of organization the PPTF is and where the money is coming from.

The PPTF is not listed anywhere in any Federal or state record. There is nothing filed with the IRS regarding if the the PPTF is a 501c3 or any other type of organization that would address the tax status of the PPTF.

The PPTF is not listed as a llc, corp or org. It appears primarily on the Holmseth social media websites and various places on the internet but nowhere else.

It is obvious why not everyone is known that is part of the PPTF. Those who wish to remain anonymous do not want to be caught up in any of the legal ramifications that would result if the investigations into the PPTF results in indictments of those running this thing.


This part by Randi is rather confusing. She makes some rather confusing statements about the US court system yet supports a president who believes in the same court system since he is using the same system to fight for the causes he supports and fight against those causes he is against.


Once again Randi makes the false accusation that those fighting for the truth are “paid freaks.” Nobody is being paid and we are not freaks. We are all victims of one of the most horrific internet smear campaigns ever seen.

Timothy Holmseth had the chance years ago to tell the truth and move on. He continues to refuse to do so and has now fallen under the thumb of a conspiracy nut that has taken over every aspect of his life.

With the post on Facebook, Randi L Erickson has at least partly told the truth about the PPTF and her involvement with it.

“John 8:32

32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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